SJYAA Board Members

Meet the 2008 St. Johns Youth Athletic Association board members. When you are at your childs sporting event and everything is falling in place and the game gets started without any hitches, stop the director or anyone you know from the board and give them a big thank you for all their hard work and dedication.

For many, if not all of the board members, doing what they do is a second full time job. Many of them often leave work at the end of the day only to head straight to practice or meetings for two to three hours. They finally get a chance to get on home just in time to put the kids to bed, spend a little time with their understanding spouses before they have to get in bed and do it all over again the next day.

Board Members

President - Jason Pendleton
Vice President - Mike Leasher
Treasurer - Kathy Stevens
Secretary - Jennifer Larrison


Football – Sean Heibeck 
Basketball (Girls) – Ben Wright
Basketball (Boys) – Andy Thelen 
Cheerleading - Wendy Sage
Volleyball (Girls) – Kelly Hutchinson 
Wrestling - Keri Pettigrew
Concessions - Karie Kusnier

at-Large Seats

Member-at-Large - Mike Leasher
Member-at-Large - Jason Pendleton
Member-at-Large - Chris Kowatch
School Liaison - Open

...ask them why they do it....because of the enjoyment of watching their kids and working hard, having fun, and having pride in themselves and St Johns.